We recognise how important it is to select the right executive coach for the particular situation and to work with our client, and often the organisation for which they work,  to identify desired outcomes and objectives.

Typically we coach face to face but we also work by Skype, video conference and telephone.

With bases in London and the North West, and clients across the country, we are happy to work anywhere in the UK. We agree with our clients whether they would prefer to work at their offices or off site .


Chemistry Meeting

To get the best results from coaching, clients need to feel comfortable to speak openly and freely , to confide in their coach. So we hold an initial meeting, free of charge, to test the chemistry between us and to allow the prospective client to outline broadly the issue or situation to be worked on.

Setting up the contract

If the chemistry meeting is positive and we’re appointed , we will then agree the scope, duration and objective of the assignment, together with fees and payment terms , meeting logistics and how and when we will review and evaluate our work together. Often , we will be asked to sign an NDA and we like to agree with our client a Terms of Engagement letter for each assignment.

The coaching itself

We adopt a person centred, relational approach to our work, drawing on influences, models and frameworks from psychologists and psychotherapists and on research by world recognised leadership experts. Usually we coach face to face but we can also work remotely. In some cases we talk and walk – we will happily head for the hills ! Each session typically lasts 1.5 hours. We are, though, totally flexible in our approach as we know that no two situations are the same.

Review and Evaluation

Like our clients, we are outcome focussed. At the end of our assignment (with a review half way) we will evaluate the impact of our work together and look at the effectiveness of it against the objectives we agreed at the outset and which have sometimes been re- negotiated en route as different or additional issues emerge.

Like our clients, we are outcome focussed so , whenever possible , we agree at the outset how the impact of the coaching will be evaluated . We are happy to put you in touch with individual clients and/or organisations who know our work.

  Get in touch

If you feel inspired by our expertise and would like to get in touch please contact us. T: 07831 443705 or E: sayhello@boldstepscoaching.co.uk